LAHORE - President Supreme Court Bar Association Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has said an independent judiciary was vital to fight terrorism and address economic problems facing the country at present. Talking to mediamen on the occasion of filing of the nomination papers here Monday by Ali Ahmad Kurd as candidate of the Professional Group in the upcoming elections of the Supreme Court Bar, Barrister Aitzaz said, economy of the state at present was at the lowest ebb and an independent and strong judiciary was a big factor to woo the foreign investments and that Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had emerged as symbol of that judiciary both at the local and international level. Reiterating commitment to continue struggle for the restoration of Justice Chaudhry and others to the office he said Justice Chaudhry commanded great respect at the international level and in that context, his name was discussed for the award of Nobel Peace Prize, and it was likely that next year his name finds consideration among others for this honour. To a question about possible cancellation of the license by Pakistan Bar Council of the office-bearers of four Bar Associations who opposed invitation to Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar to the PBC, Barrister Aitzaz said PBC was not competent to cancel the lawyers lincense on that score. And if it does, it is outgoing its authority. He said it was not the time to take such actions against the lawyers, therefore, the PBC must avoid taking the same. He said the majority of lawyers did not want to invite Justice Dogar therefore the PBC respecting their feelings must not take extreme step against the lawyers. As to continuation of the movement, he said, through PBC decision, it was under the command of the Steering Committee of NCC. Ali Ahmad Kurd after filing his nomination papers here said his election would give a fresh impetus to the movement, the success of which, he said, was the aspiration of every Pakistani. He said their movement was historic for it awakened the masses to the importance of an independent judiciary which in turn was a surety to the independent of every state organ within its prescribed area. According to him, if we have to save the country and see it on the road of progress and prosperity, a strong and foolproof system to run the state affairs is a must which is not possible unless we are able to found that system on justice and fair play which has to be regulated by an independent judiciary. Earlier Aitzaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmad Kurd and other lawyers visited the Lahore High Court Bar, and Supreme Court Bar where they were warmly received by the lawyers.