KARACHI - Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali has resigned as president of Pakistan Hockey Federation after an uneventful 22 months stint as the head of the national federation which saw Pakistan hockey slump to its lowest ranking in Beijing Olympics in middle of August this year. The Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani appointed former Olympian Qasim Zia as new head of the national hockey chief. Jamali who was named the president of the PHF in December 2006 held a press briefing here Monday in the open on the lawns of the Hockey Club of Pakistan where he formally announced his decision to quit the prestigious office stating that he had already informed the prime minister who is the patron of the PHF of his decision in the morning and would fax his resignation as soon as power was restored at the HCP. The media briefing was originally was to be held inside the air-conditions media room at the HCP but was shifted at the last moment into the open on to the lawns due to power failure. He also announced that chief coach and manager of Pakistan junior team former Olympian and his close friend Jahangir Butt, junior coach Kamran Ashraf and deputy coach Navaid Alam along with Waseeq Ahmed, the PHF director of development have also given their resignations. Except for Kamran Ashraf and Navaid Alam others were present the briefing. Islahuddin was also there. Jamali's resignation came just a day before a crucial meeting of the PHF Board which would be held on Tuesday at the HCP. In the absence of a new president of the PHF, the senior most vice president would preside over the meeting which is expected to appoint number of committees including a new national selection committee. Jamali gave no specific reason for leaving the coveted job but admitted that being the head of the PHF he held himself responsible for what had happened in Pakistan hockey after taking over the administrative reins. He said he owned the responsibility and felt that he should go providing an opportunity to someone else to take over and work for the promotion of sport which he said was dear to him all his life. Like politics which he said ran in his blood, hockey was also ran in his veins which he had played and had remained associated with it for a number of years. He said he had always wanted to support hockey and worked for his development whether he was in the federation or not. He vehemently rejected the suggestion that he had quit under pressure from the former players who had demanded he leave the job and that of women's hockey officials who had blamed him for leaving the national women's hockey team in a lurch by allegedly suspending funds to the women's wing. The women's wing he alleged had refused to submit the names of technical officials it had appointed without his approval and consultation. As the president it was his right to know but when he was not given the information, he suspended the championship but advised the women's camp to continue. He said there was no truth in the idea that he had succumbed to the pressure of the former players who had raised the slogans "Go Jamali Go" recently and added it would not be correct to say that he would be leaving a poor precedent in which  a high official of the PHF had resigned due to agitation of the players. When told that some women wings officials allegedly had taken donation from the NBP independently, he said he had no knowledge about it. He said thrice in the past after the induction of the new national coalition government led by the PPP he had approached the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani with the request for leaving the office but every time he was told to continue. He said he had told the prime minister that he would hold the office till the Beijing Olympics for the sake of continuity but would quit afterwards. But afterwards due to political situation and the presidential elections he was asked to retain the post and also help the PPP in the presidential elections. He said he helped them by getting two votes in the elations. He said that showed, he was not leaving due to any pressure and moreover he added that all those players who had demanded his resignation were like his children. He said he had seen those players rise in hockey and it was players right to speak out and demand changes. He said he had no ill will against any of those players and said he had forgiven them. He said more courage was needed to forgive than to fight. He said he wanted that some one dedicated and could support and promote hockey should be made the head of the PHF because it needed dedication and full support to the game. He said he never wished the top job in the PHF which was given to him by the then president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf and the then prime minister Shaukat Aziz.He accepted the offer  because he had the opportunity to serve the game. Once he accepted the top job in the PHF he left politics and devoted himself full time to the sport. And now when he was leaving hockey he would go back to politics, he added. He said the PHF kitty had around Rs. twelve million in it when he took over PHF and when he was leaving he was leaving behind Rs. fifty million. He said during his tenure as prime minister he managed to get around Rs. ten million out of which round about Rs. forty two million were spent in paying paid coaches and managers and sending teams abroad. He thanked the managing director of the PIA for providing full employment to seven contractual hockey players in the airlines and hoped that other departments like Pakistan Customs, railways and others would also employ hockey players. He rubbished the suggestion that performance of the national team at Beijing Olympics due to changes made in the team management at the last moment. He said Islahuddin who was replaced as manager of the team and made chief selectors had all along with the PHF providing personal support to the PHF. He said he had brought best senior players like Zakauddin who had served the game with distinction in the past and the PHF was running perfectly until the sports ministry intervened and brought in a new secretary. He was critical of the media which he said some times blundered by misreporting news and events ,one such blunder, he said was reporting death of Baitullah Masood. He advised the media that it should have used the freedom with more care by double checking facts and other relevant information by giving the right news about the PHF. He however was critical of the role of the sports ministry in the affairs of the PHF.