ISLAMABAD - The government has not yet come up with a strategy to allow specific number of Indian movies to be screened in Pakistani cinema houses. The cinema and the film industry have been in crisis for nearly a decade. Many cinema houses have been closed down and the rest ones have a few films to screen, as the local film industry is producing quality movies but in a small number. With a view to revive dying cinema industry and avoid the flood of Indian movies, the official of the Culture Ministry took initiatives during the last year and made a comprehensive strategy for the import of Indian films. "Ministry of Culture had sent a summary to the Prime Minister regarding import of Indian films and suggested the government to allow the import of about 12 Indian films within a year to avoid flood of Indian films in country," an official source while seeking anonymity Monday told TheNation. He further maintained that the case had been under consideration for the last one year and the government had not given any response yet. While giving detailed description, he informed that it was a inclusive plan regarding import of Indian movies and its approval would not only resolve issues of illegal import of Indian films but would also help revive local film industry. He said there was a time when people were crazy to watch movies on big screens and every weekend it used to be a treat for families to go to cinemas but due to screening of low quality films, the trend has been diminished. "Still people are passionate to watch movies in cinema and only import and production of quality films would offer them an opportunity of healthy entertainment," he observed. It is worth mentioning here that the release of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas was banned after the 1965 War with India. Later, the then president General Ziaul Haq allowed two India movies; namely Kashish and Noorjahan, to be screened in the country. As relations between the two countries improved with the passage of time, screening of Indian films was allowed in 2005 with a view to rescue the film industry. However, unfortunately, this decision has been failed so far to ameliorate the film industry.