I want to bring into your notice the nefarious activities of private schools that over the years have assumed the status of a cartel. They have shattered the parents' hopes of quality education for their children in an affordable price. These schools boast of their high standards whereas the reality is that most of them are devoid of any playgrounds, physical trainers or even computer labs. They increase fees arbitrarily and at random without intimating parents beforehand. Because of the absence of any regulatory authority in the field of education, they are playing with meager resources of middle class people who want better than government school education for their children. I fail to understand why government has not established any regulatory authority to streamline and coordinate the activities of these institutions. PTA, OGRA, NEPRA and other regulators are doing a great job despite inherent flaws of the proposed frameworks they work within. Establishment of a private schools regulatory authority is need of the hour for safeguarding the interests of parents. Parents' associations are either not allowed by these institutions or are treated with disdain by them. -FAROOQ ALI, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 29.