LAHORE - A joint meeting of PPPs Punjab Executive Committee (PEC) and Punjab Council was held here on Wednesday with partys acting Punjab President, Sami Ullah Khan in the chair. The meeting reportedly conceived an active and aggressive role for partys Punjab organisation in the days to come, but this important decision was made in the absence majority of members of the PEC and Punjab Council. According to insiders, one, out nine divisional presidents, attended the meeting. Similarly, only three members of Punjab Council turned up on the occasion, while the absence of partys Lahore President, Samina Khalid Ghurki and Punjab Senior Minister, Raja Riaz was also conspicuous. A PEC member who attended the meeting told this scribe that attendance was very thin, as a few responded to the call of partys Punjab Acting President. He wondered how the decisions made in the meeting would be implemented when many party men occupying key positions in the Punjab organisation were absent. Briefing newsmen after the meeting, Sami Ullah Khan said that members of the PEC and Punjab Council took stock of the current political situation in the country, especially in the context of ongoing Supreme Court hearings on NRO and other developments, and envisioned a pro-active role for the organisation in the days to come. He said recommendations of the meeting in this regard would be sent to partys top leadership for approval, and then they would be made public. The PPP leader grilled a media group (not TheNation) for launching what he called an organised campaign against the Parliament and the President. He said the meeting endorsed the decision taken by partys top leadership that all elected representatives and office bearers of the party would boycott the media group by not attending any of its talk shows and other programmes. He said PPP would also not seek coverage of its activities from that section of the media for its anti-democracy attitude and targeted campaign against the President. He said his partys government had imposed ban on itself rather than banning the media group in question. He said in a democratic set up government was answerable to the Parliament and also to the media, but the said group had crossed all limits of decency and journalistic principles. He urged representative media organisations to take notice of pending cases of tax evasion against that media group. He said party workers were in aggressive mood due to its biased reporting but they have been advised to remain calm. Sami Ullah Khan also criticised PML-N and the Judiciary for their, what he called, biased stance towards the PPP. He said that in its seminars organised in connection with October 12 military take over, the PML-N leaders were more vocal against PPP leadership than Pervez Musharraf who had overthrown their elected government on that day. He was of the view that PML-N had become unnerved after criticism by Pervez Musharraf. He asked PML-Ns top hierarchy to rein in one of its prize bond-fame leaders. It was an implicit reference to Khawaja Saad Rafique. Talking about the judiciary, he said that it was a general impression that it was independent but not impartial. He alleged that courts were having soft corner for the PML-N as they were not taking up old cases against Nawaz party including the famous Asghar Khan case and Zafar Ali Shah case.