The 11th anniversary of the 1999 coup that then COAS Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf used to seize power, was turned into Democracy Protection Day not just by numerous rallies held all over the country, but also by the Punjab Assembly, which passed a resolution demanding that the central government get Interpol to have the former military dictator handed over to Pakistan for trial on a number of charges, including treason. The same House had earlier passed a resolution promising to elect Pervez Musharraf President while he was still in uniform, and thus its passing such a resolution had an importance of its own. Further stress was laid by Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who told an Executive Committee delegation of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which called on him at the CMs offices, that the Musharraf era would prove the last bout of military rule the country would experience. However, he said that the restoration of democracy did not mean a free rein to corruption and nepotism. The Punjab Assembly members were aware of the resolution passed earlier, with some having also belonged to that House too, and the latest resolution points the way of General Musharrafs treatment, which has been indicated by the Supreme Court. Therefore, the Assembly can be seen as merely strengthening the hands of the Supreme Court. Mian Shahbazs statement is also significant, as it reflects the reality that democracy has not delivered to the people of Pakistan, and for the reasons that he identified: the corruption and nepotism being practised by the federal government with the Presidency in the lead. True, the solution to the problems of democracy is supposed to be more democracy, but if those elected insist on upsetting the applecart by their behaviour, and providing excuses to adventurers for taking over, then Mian Shahbazs belief that General Musharrafs was the last military takeover, will not come true. Only eternal vigilance will preserve democracy in this country, and it must be exercised not only by politicians, but also the citizens.