ISLAMABAD - Following the arrest of fifteen Pakistanis in Thailand, Foreign Office has sought details of the incident from its mission there, however, keeping in view its past record to handle such cases, these unfortunate people are sure to be ignored by the FO as usual. With the arrest of fresh Pakistani nationals allegedly involved in suspicious fundraising activity and their connection to a terrorist organisation based in Pakistan, number of Pakistanis arrested in Thailand have reached to 113, sources informed. Meanwhile, the agreement to deport them to Pakistan is caught in red-tapism, it has been learnt. According to a report of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over 5000 to 6,000 Pakistanis have been detained overseas, however, independent institutions dealing with the same cases claim that about 20,000 Pakistanis are imprisoned abroad. Interestingly, Senator Talha Mahmood also confirmed the same figure (20,000) in February this year. Negligence from duties on the part of baboos of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their mission abroad is the major factor behind languishing of large number of Pakistanis in jails abroad, it has been observed. Foreign Office has failed badly to address the plight of Pakistanis abroad. Few examples include mishandling of cases of Dr Afia Siddiqui and Shahzad in the USA and Mohammad Saif-ur-Rehman in Chili, by the Foreign Office. Shockingly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs incurred a huge amount of Rs. 152.405 million to send 508 delegations of officers mostly for the Foreign Minister/Foreign Secretary level bilateral talks and bilateral visits on the invitations of host governments since March 2008 till date. Despite spending huge amount from taxpayers money, the high and mighty could not bring smile on the faces of thousands of Pakistanis whose hopes to get back to homeland are fading away. Apart from negligence and ineptness of Ministry of Foreign affairs, communication problems, lack of money and an inhospitable climate abroad perpetuate prisoners agony. Analysts say that the 'War on Terror, in which Pakistan has become the frontline state, also paradoxically put Pakistanis in the dangerous or unwanted category as evident from the attitude of most countries. On slight suspicion, Pakistanis have been detained, harassed and even killed abroad. According to sources from Thailand, the arrested Pakistanis were not only humiliated by the police but also subjected to torture purely on false ground. This incident has shown that inhuman behaviour and unlawful attitude towards Pakistan was not limited to the US and Europe only, but even in the countries like Malaysia and Thailand, Pakistanis have faced the same treatment-thanks to the baboos of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At present 187 Pakistanis are facing criminal charges in Malaysia. More than a hundred (now 113) Pakistanis are languishing in jails in Thailand and the agreement to deport them to Pakistan is caught in red-tapism.