LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Wednesday issued notice for October 20 to an FIA Investigation Officer (IO) who is also associated with the investigation of the NAB cases against Pakistan Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani. The division bench comprising Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif and Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh passed the said direction while hearing the petition, Mr Haqqani had filed to question his name on NRO beneficiaries list and to seek its deletion inter alia on the ground that he never called for NRO benefit nor his cases fell in that ambience after they were decided on merit at the judicial and the investigation level. Haqqani claims that his name has been wrongly put in the list of NRO beneficiaries by the NAB authorities. The bench last day directed FIA Investigator Khalid Mehmood who has been investigating references of NAB against Haqqani, to appear in person before the court on the next date of hearing. Earlier, the NAB submitted record of its investigations against Haqqani and the order on the basis of which he was later exonerated in the case registered in 1997. The court was told that a case of irregularities in grant of cable TV network licenses was investigated by NAB against Hussain Haqqani and Benazir Bhutto, but due to the assassination of Benazir the case against her was abated. In the petition Haqqani through his counsel had pleaded that he never applied for any benefit under National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in any alleged case against him. He said that the NAB established by former President Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf had never filed any reference against him. He submitted that he was arrested by the NAB in 1999, and later handed over to the FIA which registered three cases against him on the charges of misuse of power. However, he was later released on bail by the Lahore High Court after 79 days in detention. He further said that the FIR in one of the cases was also quashed by the Sindh High Court whereas the other case was dropped by the investigating agency after failing to produce any evidence. He said the third case that allegedly was on the list of cases had never reached the stage of prosecution during the last ten years, therefore, there was no question of requesting any relief under the NRO. He said the investigation agency might have dropped the case on its own volition. The petitioner requested the court to direct the authorities to delete his name from the list of NRO beneficiaries.