LAHORE Professor Dr. Javed Akram was elected as Patron in chief and Dr Khalid Saeed Khan as president of the Lahore District Ju Jitsu Association in the general assembly meeting of the body here the other day. It is worth a mention just a week back, the provincial associations elections were held. Director Sports Allama Iqbal Medical College Ausaf Ali, Shoaib Nasir Malhi and Ghazanfar Ali were elected as vice presidents. The office bearers: Patron in Chief: Professor Dr. Javed Akram (Principal AMIC) President: Dr. Khalid Saeed Khan (Principal Physiotherapy College) Vice Presidents: Ausaaf Ali, Director Sports AMIC, Ghazanfar Ali, Shoaib Nasar Malhi. General Secretary: Hafiza Neelam Associate Secretary: Ansah Samreen Khalid Associate Secretary: Waheed-ud-Din Finance Secretary: Misbah Azhar Press Secretary: Faraz Ali Sec. Public Relation: Nadeem Chaudhary Executive MEMBERS: Fatima Ameen, Asmah Irshad Gulab, Samnabad Club, Shamaila Tasneem, Iqbal Hussain. The House also authorized the president and general secretary to Represent the LDJJA in the coming General Assembly meeting of Punjab Ju-Jitsu Association. The house also decided to hold the first District Championship in the January.