LAHORE - PML (Functional) President Pir Pagara , who is trying to bring all PML factions round one platform, on Wednesday strongly opposed the demand for the trial of former president Pervez Musharraf on treason charge and said his party should not be deemed to have supported the resolution passed by the Punjab Assembly on the subject. He said time servers were the people who had been part of the set-up led by Gen Musharraf and were now calling for his prosecution. Talking to The Nation, the Sindhi leader said there was no need and justification for trying the former president. When pointed out that his party too had supported the resolution, unanimously passed by the Punjab Assembly, he said he had nothing to do with the members who had endorsed the move. I had not given them any kind of instructions on the issue, said the Pir, implying that they had supported the resolution on their own. We do not like to put an ex-president on trial, he said in categorical terms. Replying to a question, the PML-F Chief made it clear that he was trying to merge all PML factions into one entity. He said the impression that he was working for an alliance of various groups was not correct. The Pir said PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Husain, at a meeting with him at the Kingri House, had agreed on assimilation of two parties. He said if he was now saying something different, it was a departure from that understanding he had given only a few weeks ago. In response to another question, he said he wanted a similar assimilation of the PML-N into an enlarged party. In case any PML faction decided to stay out of the new outfit, Pir said, he would move the court with the plea that such people should be barred from using the title of the PML. Answering another question, he said so far there was no contact between him and the PML-N, and that he was in no hurry to establish one. He said he himself would contact the PML-N chief at an appropriate time. Pir Pagara said, for the time being there was no possibility of fresh election, and those making a demand in this regard were nanve. He supported the demand for reopening of all cases against all people that were closed on the basis of any agreement. About the appointment of Justice (r) Deedar Husain as NAB chairman, the Sindhi leader said there was no harm in it. He said Justice Deedar was an honest person, but some people supported him and some opposed him.