ISLAMABAD The process of aligning all PML factions under the PML-F chief has got slowed down as Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has reportedly opposed the move to make such an alliance with PML-N. When the decision was taken, Ch Pervaiz Elahi was abroad and it seems as he was not consulted like other CEC members. However, when he came to know he opposed such merger or alliance where he has to sit with PML-N, sources in PML-Q told TheNation on Wednesday. They further said that the party chief Ch Shujat Hussain had decided to convene the meeting of Central Executive Committee on October 5 as the members of the party had expressed their concern over the decision taken without consultation with other CEC members. Later, the meeting was postponed while the party leadership is still also silent on the issue. However, we were later told by the partys high command that it was decided that PML-F would quit from the coalition of PPP-led federal as well as Sindh governments and a time frame was also set, the sources revealed. They also added that the move may start again seriously if Pir Pagara announces separation from the coalition government. On the other hand, the background discussions with some PML-Q parliamentarians held during the last two days reveal that the move was not a serious one and it seems as it was just to flop Musharraf show in London on October 1 about which the partys high command was quite upset as it was expecting that a large number of parliamentarian and other members of the party might join the former President in London. The announcement of merger or alliance may be an announcement to stop partys members and parliamentarians to go and join Musharraf as after October 1, neither CEC meeting was called nor was the alliance pursued, they said. Meanwhile, PML-F chief Pir Pagara seems so serious in aligning all PML factions as he is reportedly visiting Lahore next week to meet PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif to pursue him to join the new alliance. However, there are some reports that the PML-F chief during his visit would also meet with Chaudhry brothers, Sheikh Rashid, PML-Q (Likeminded) President Saleem Saifullah and Ijaz ul Haq.