ISLAMABAD It appears that the controversy on the degree issue between the Higher Education Commission and the Election Commission of Pakistan has started again, as both have started passing the buck to each other regarding to the non-completion of the verification process of lawmakers degrees. According to official sources, the HEC in a letter to the ECP has asked to provide the copies of the degrees of Intermediate and Metric of 428 lawmakers so that the rest of the degrees could be verified in accordance with the process adopted by the HEC. But the ECP officials denied receiving such report citing that the HEC did not contact Parliamentarians properly and lawmakers were ready to provide the record of their academic credentials. The ECP had sent about 1084 degrees of lawmakers to the HEC for verification and so far the HEC has handed over 603 verified degrees to the ECP out of them 545 degrees have been declared genuine and 58 fake or invalid. About 11 degrees the ECP did not provide to HEC for verification and 18 cases were in the courts. About 428 degrees are yet to be verified according to the process adopted by the HEC, which need the verification of their Intermediate and Metric degrees as well as the Bachelors degrees. Though the universities have verified the Bachelors degrees of some of the lawmakers but their Metric and Intermediate degrees could not be verified due to their non-cooperation. In few cases though the degree of Bachelor is genuine but the Metric and Intermediate degrees are fake or invalid so in such situations the verification of past record of the lawmakers academic credentials is crucial. But as they have failed to submit their past record despite repeated reminders from the universities and the ECP as well, so finally the ECP has been asked to get the degrees from parliamentarians as HEC cannot force the parliamentarians in this regard, according to HEC officials. ECP Joint Sectary Afzal Khan, the designated officer by the ECP, when contacted said the ECP did not receive anything till 6pm. He said, 70 percent of the verification has been completed by the HEC and the 30 percent work would also be done by the HEC, as they dont have any choice but to complete any election-related task given by the ECP under Article 220 of the Constitution and according to the Supreme Courts orders. He was of the view that the Commission created a wrong impression that the parliamentarians were not cooperating but the fact was that they never contacted them properly and did not discuss the matter with the ECP officials. On the other hand things were communicated to ECP through media.