ISLAMABAD Speakers at International Conference on Sufism condemned terrorist attacks on mosques, shrines of saints and other religious places, while especially referring to the attacks on the shrines of Abdullah Shah Bokhari and Hazrat Ali Hajwari. They stressed the need to ensure peace in the country through interfaith harmony. The Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) an affiliated organisstion of URI organised International Conference on Sufiism. The conference was having the objective of Common Word initiated by the King Shah Hussain of Jordan. This conference was organised in the context of third ceremony of Common Word Federal Minister of State for Interior Affairs Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi was chief guest of the conference. Tasneed condemned the terrorist attacks on the shrines in Karachi and Lahore. In his address, Allam Abdulfateh GR Chishti Chairam UIPM and Chief coordinator of the third anniversary of common Word said that Muslim and Christian had many commonalities. Sufis love God and His creatures. Sufiism is acceptable to the world thats why the terrorist made attacks on them. He said sufiism is the philosophy of peace and love. Allama Mohammad Yousuf Awan Central Chairman National Peace Committee Pakistan said in his presidential address that Islam means peace and the enemies of peace were in fact enemies of Islam. He congratulated the organisers of Sufi Conference that they had taken a step to introduce the sufi teachings and common word message which is not only acceptable to the main stream of Islam but also believed in by rest of the world. It is because of teachings of Sufism tolerance and humanism and it is not dogmatic and reject the terrorists who believe in violence and terror, he added Maskhdoon Pir Haroon Shjah Chairman Ullama and Mashiekh movement Pakistan said that the sufis message of love transcends the material world and embraces universal brotherhood in contrast to the terrorists who use violence to impose their self-made brand of Islam on others by force. All the speakers appreciated the efforts of the Allama Abdulfateh GR Chishti for his tremendous contribution towards Sufism.