ISLAMABAD It appears that any practical role to be played by international community against Indian highhandedness in Indian Kashmir would remain to be a far cry especially when UN is confined to its offices in the occupied valley. According to details received from insiders in United Nations, instead of living up to its mandate and impartially monitoring the prevailing scenario in IHK, the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) is only limited to its offices in Srinagar and elsewhere. This situation has reportedly surfaced due to Indian Armys pressure on the UN in IHK and security threats that UNMOGIP staff officials face in case they do not 'comply with Indian Armys directives. Presently, UNMOGIP has four offices located in Muzaffarabad (Azad Jammu and Kashmir), Islamabad, New Delhi and Srinagar. While the UNMOGIP staff members in Muzaffarabad and Islamabad have direct access to ceasefire line at Chakothi (AJK), they are not allowed to enter IHK without prior approval of the Indian Government and acquiring this kind of approval is a lengthy and irksome process. In addition to that, the officials of UNMOGIP in Srinagar cannot even move around in the city let alone visiting Line of Control (LoC) to independently monitor the situation. In very rare circumstances the officials of UNMOGIP Islamabad and Muzaffarabad visit Srinagar but their 'visits are confined to UNMOGIP office located at Sanwaar (Srinagar). Likewise, UNMOGIP officials in New Delhi cannot visit even their own office in Srinagar. In case, the UN officials are lucky enough to enter IHK, they are not allowed to move around freely and are restricted to their office premises. The prime mandate of the UNMOGIP offices is to study and monitor the prevailing situation in IHK and report it to UN Headquarters in New York. But UNs failure to take on Indian highhandedness coupled with its seemingly submissive disposition towards India has resulted in the emergence of sheer dormant organisational entity in the form of UNMOGIP. The UN-based sources say that even in ordinary circumstances, Indian Government does not allow free movement of UNMOGIP officials to, from and within Srinagar and the rest of the occupied valley and the conditions have worsened after unprecedented uprising resurrected in IHK after June 11 this year. Talking to TheNation, senior Hurriyat leader and member All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Syed Yousuf Naseem, said that UNMOGIP was formed after UN passed a resolution in 1949 that envisaged ceasefire in Kashmir, appointment of Military Observer Group over Kashmir issue and holding of plebiscite for the resolution of Kashmir issue. The UNMOGIP was formed long ago but it has yet to play a role, he said. Yousuf argued that the purpose of UNMOGIP was to represent the accurate facts to the world regarding IHK sans accepting pressure or prejudice. If UN faces any pressure from India, it better takes up the matter at international platforms instead of being blackmailed by India, he suggested.