UNITED NATIONS (AFP/Reuters) The UN Security Council on Tuesday appealed for more troops to be sent to the international force in Afghanistan as it extended the mission for another year and voiced its support for the Afghan governments attempts at peaceful political dialogue with insurgents. The Council also expressed concern about the push by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other radical groups and with the increased high number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan, in particular women and children casualties. But the 15-nation body unanimously voted for a resolution extending the mission of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) until October 13, 2011. The resolution highlighted the increased threat from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It said the Security Council recognizes the need to further strengthen ISAF and calls upon member states to contribute personnel, equipment and other resources to ISAF. The resolution urged all Afghan parties and groups to engage constructively in peaceful political dialogue and said Council members encouraged the Afghan government-led peace process aimed at rehabilitating Taliban willing to give up their arms and accept the Kabul government. The Council also voiced serious concern with the increased high number of civilian casualties, though it said most of those have been caused by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The UN resolution welcomed efforts made by the international force to reduce the number of civilian casualties from its attacks. It blamed the large majority of deaths of women and children in Afghanistan on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. But the Council said the international force must continue to undertake enhanced efforts to prevent civilian casualties including the increased focus on protecting the Afghan population as a central element of the mission. The resolution stressed the need for the Afghan government to fight corruption, promote transparency and increase its accountability in line with commitments it has made at international conferences this year. It also called for new government progress in ending impunity and strengthening judicial institutions. The Security Council said the Afghan government and the international force must work together to increase the capability of Afghan security forces to accelerate progress towards the goal of self-sufficient, accountable and ethnically balanced national forces. The world powers are anxiously awaiting the final results of Afghanistans September 11 legislative election and want a credible result to boost efforts to stabilize the country.