ISLAMABAD Pakistan Hockey teams performance is going from bad to worse with the each passing day. Tall claims were made at the time of appointment of Ducth coach Mishel Van Den Heuvel for the green shirts. A country where hockey is the national game nobody at the top bothers to look into the sorry state of affairs. The PHF is least interested in adopting the latest techniques, which are required to keep pace with the Europeans who keep on changing rules to their own advantage. The world over trend is to give maximum facilities to the players but here in Pakistan the situation is completely different. The foreign coach is getting almost 2 million rupees including all the benefits per month package, while even the top ranked Pakistani players are not earning even in thousands despite playing their hearts out. What an injustice, and who is to be blamed for this? Last night, green shirts were beaten by low ranked South Africans in the ongoing Commonwealth games hockey match. What is the purpose of having a foreign coach when the team finishes at 6th position in an event where only Australians were the top hockey playing nation. The team can achieve these low positions without spending a single penny on coaches. Pakistan Hockey has a rich tradition of winning silverwares. Rather than wasting so much money on this coach PHF can hire a Pakistani coach who can communicate with the players much better than this foreign coach. Playing exhibition matches abroad and getting nominal results cant satisfy the hockey loving nation. The national team instead of going forward is fast declining in performance, and if this coach continues with the team it is almost certain that the team cant revive the past glories. As PHF President Qasim Zia should take initiative by immediately removing this coach. Mishel is of no use for the players and the team as well. The huge amount, which he is getting should be utilised for the betterment of the players, as it would enhace their performance. Qasim Zia along with PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa can get assistance from the past greats such as Akhtar Rasool, Shaehnaz Sheikh, Islahuddin and Shahbaz Senior who with their rich experience can change the fortunes of the national side otherwise the next generation will remember the hockey only in history.