KHYBER AGENCY - The 40-year old land dispute between the sub-tribes of Khuga Khel of Shinwari, Landi Kotal has been resolved owing to the constant efforts of area’s elders.

Speaking at a news conference here at the Landi Kotal Press Club, President of ANP Shah Hussain Shinwari said that dozens of families belonging to Khuga Khel had left their native village and migrated to other areas owing to lack of residential area. “The 40-year old land dispute has been resolved with help of elders, political administration and locals of Khuga Khel tribe of Shinwari,” he claimed. He said the collective land would be soon distributed among local people and every person hailing from Khuga Khel would get his share.

“The elders of Koki Khel tribe had resolved the Torkham land dispute through a Jirga in 1976 but it had left undecided rest of collective land,” Shah Hussain explained. He said that several attempts had been made in the past for its solution but to no avail. The land distribution process was started in August 2014 after consultation with friends and local administration officials.

In September 2014, he said, the land demarcation process was begun and the locals greatly appreciated efforts being made by the jirga members. “In the first phase demarcation of around 23,000 canal of collective land was completed till September 30, 2014 and limitations of Sarkai and rest of land will be demarcated in near future,” he said.

“After completion of demarcation process, it will be distributed among the people of Khuga Khel tribes,” he observed.

He assured the tribesmen that every one would get his share in the land. Flanked by other local elders, Shinwari appealed to masses to support them for this noble cause and joined hands with them to resolve the issue.