LAKKI MARWAT - Residents of Daal Mills locality have demanded of the government to build a dyke to save the residential area from the floods in the rainy water nullah.

Talking to The Nation on Monday, they said that a rainy watercourse was posing a threat to many houses situated at the back of Darul Uloom-e-Islamia in Daal Mills Area in the outskirts of Lakki city. A resident Mirza Ali Khan said that flood in the rainy water channel had caused damages to several houses in the past.

He said that residents residing in the locality belonged to lower and middle classes and that they had suffered losses due to flood in rainy season. Another resident said that flood in the rainy watercourse had washed away several houses and belongings of poor residents in the past. “People fear that more floods in the watercourse would inflict losses on them,” he revealed. Residents told this scribe that residents repeatedly requested lawmakers from the district to construct a dyke to save houses but to no avail.

They asked Chief Minister Parvez Khattak to provide funds for the construction of dyke to save the houses situated at the back of religious seminary in the area.

Meanwhile, the deteriorating condition of Ihsanpur road has multiplied miseries of area people. “The one kilometre long road built under Barani Area Development Project (BADP) a decade ago is potholed and needs repair,” said a social activist and former councillor of the locality.

He said that the department concerned had not spent a single penny on repair and maintenance of road since it was built in the MMA government. “The road is of a vital importance as it connects trans-river villages of Ihsanpur area with Manjiwala link road and Lakki city,” said another villager.

He said that the apathy on part of local quarters concerned of government would soon make the road unusable for plying of vehicles. He demanded of the provincial government to provide funds for repair, widening and extension of Ihsanpur road and construction of two new roads to Wanda Dolan and Wanda Bagni villages.