ISLAMABAD - Consumer rights group ‘The Network’ has called upon the government to make effective legislation against tobacco industry’s tactics for the promotion of smoking practices.

“This is the right time that tobacco control advocates should stir into action and give a worldwide commitment against tobacco spread,” said Executive Coordinator The Network for Consumer Protection Nadeem Iqbal on Monday while hailing the six-day deliberations opened in Moscow Monday regarding how to control and curb tobacco spread in the world.

The six-day session in Moscow is dealing with the most pressing issues in the field of tobacco control. The number of Parties to the Convention has grown steadily over the years, from the 40 in 2005 to 179 in 2014.

In its various sessions, the COP will exchange views on the achievements and challenges faced and ways to further promote treaty implementation in countries and internationally.

The parties continue to face legal challenges from the tobacco industry and front groups when implementing tobacco control measures, he said.

It is not surprising that the interference of the tobacco industry continues to be reported by the parties as one of the most frequently identified barriers to implementation of the Convention, remarked Nadeem. Decisions of the event are expected to be adopted on globally emerging products including Pakistan, which include smokeless tobacco products, water pipe, and electronic nicotine delivery systems.

The event will also provide guidance on promoting this treaty and accelerating progress towards its entry into force. So far, three countries have ratified the protocol; it requires ratification by 40 Parties to enter into force.