Senior politician and independent candidate from NA-149 Javed Hashmi has said that he will not allow the by-poll in Multan to be postponed at any cost.

“Multan incident is very tragic and everyone is grieved over it. But by-polls in Multan should not be postponed on the basis of Multan tragedy. “I am contesting by-polls to NA149 and I will not allow it to be postponed therein”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Monday at his residence.

“I want by-poll in Multan are held today than tomorrow. Reports on Multan incident are circulating in the entire country. It is my demand those behind Multan tragedy should be identified and judicial inquiry be conducted into this incident”, he underlined.

He went on to say that advisors were pushing Imran Khan into blind alley. “Four dead bodies were brought to the stage during Imran Khan’s speech, he claimed and demanded constitution of judicial commission, saying that it would bring to light the facts so that such incident did recur in the future.

He said that he had read Shah Mehmood had talked of holding dharnas in the event of postponement of by-polls. “I ask a question from Shah Mehmood; is his party participating in the by-poll to NA-149. Is candidate of his party is over there,” he pointed out.

He held if the Punjab government had requested for postponement of the by-poll then he would ask the PML-N not to do so because PML-N and PTI both were not taking part in the by-poll. “I have taken my election campaign too far ahead and people of Multan are supporting me. I want election which are to be held tomorrow should take place today because I know there is no need to postpone the elections and no such situation prevails in Multan which warrants postponement of polls,” Hashmi emphasised. He said that neither there was any scuffle between the two parties, nor he foresaw any such situation that polls may be postponed.  “Shah Mehmood asked for failing my election campaign but Imran Khan made Shah Mehmood taste failure by not uttering any word against me,” he pointed out. He underscored that he was grieved over those killed in Multan tragedy.  Regarding by-polls, Hashmi said that result of his election campaign had come out, claiming that the NA-149 by-polls was going one sided in his favour.

“People of Multan are extending support to me; Islami Jamiat Talaba is supporting me. Imran Khan has boycotted the polls against me but Shah Mehmood is supporting a candidate. Several friends of PTI are supporting me and only Shah Mehmood has made it a question of his prestige. I am a democratic person and having a democratic mind set.”  He stated that army be deployed during polling of the by-poll at the places where certain candidates were demanding.

To a question, he said that the country would return to normalcy soon. Hashmi advised Imran Khan to avoid people like Shah Mehmood who wanted that people of Multan should take every breath with his permission and those who die should be buried as per his will.  “Shah Mehmood will conquer what fortress by defeating me in the by-poll. People of Multan are with me and change will come in the political scenario of country after Multan by-poll,” he pointed out.

He said that he had asked Imran Khan not to formulate his policies on the basis of policies of Tahirul Qadri. Dharnas offer no solution to the problems.

Responding to a question, Hashmi said that Tahirul Qadir was sitting on both entry gates of parliament holding sticks, adding that he was out to annihilate the system of the country.

He stated it was bad luck of PTI that it did not go up through stairs but was climbing on the poles.