ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehrik’s sit-in on Monday gave a deserted look with empty tents everywhere as not more than two to three hundred people with hopeless faces wondering at the site.

There were around 400 tents still raised on the sides of Constitutional Avenue but most of them were found empty. There were a few tents found with lights on inside and 3-4 people sitting inside them. All the chairs in front of Qadri’s container were empty while the TV screen installed there was on and a video clip of his recorded speech was running on the screen.

The present look of Qadri’s sit-in at D-Chowk was itself speaking that the idea has flopped and PAT is going to wind up its protest from the federal capital anytime soon.  While some workers of PAT also confirmed that they were soon leaving the capital as the party finally had decided to reshape the protest and spread its scope across the country by starting rallies in different cities. They said that Qadri’s container might not be removed in near future and some people will stay here to keep intact the sit-in. “Most of the people have left for their homes and we will be gone too very soon because the party has changed the shape of protest and from now onwards as it will hold rallies across the country,” they added.

When asked a worker about his reason of packing to leave the sit-in, he said that he had to join his college classes back in his town. “Moreover there is no need to keep sitting here anymore as the party has changed its future strategy,” he said.

It was being heard for some days that Dr. Qadri had exhausted financially and the sponsors were hesitating to invest in his sit-in in the new situation after the new spymaster took charge. Due to these reasons Dr.Qadri sent back home most of his followers to avoid more financial burden but he might keep his container intact at the Constitutional Avenue just to keep a pressure on the government to ink a deal with him.