LAHORE  - Development Journalism students at the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), Punjab University displayed their advertising projects at the institute on Monday.

Some 60 students of MSc Development Journalism (DJ) prepared different advertising ideas and displayed them in the form of 3D charts and posters. The students showcased their ideas and showed how an effective and innovative advertising campaign could attract customers.

ICS In-Charge Director Dr Noshina Saleem, Class Lecturer Shaista Khawar, Assistant Professors Shabbir Sarwar, Fahad Mahmood, Seemba Far Bokhari and others visited the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of the students. “These projects help us in understanding how one can design an advertisement for a product and how catchy slogans can attract audiences. From the conception of ideas to their execution and sloganeering, we designed everything ourselves which really helped us to understand advertising,” said a student, Sabahiya Nazir.

“We feel the projects really helped us, as reading theory and doing things practically have a lot of difference. We practiced what we studied in our course of advertisement. We are happy to have completed these projects successfully,” said Mian Suleman Iqbal, another student.

Most of the students had prepared advertisement campaigns for beverages and fast food products. “I worked on idea of health diet and conveyed the message that juice is one of the healthiest diets,” said a student Iqra Butt and Rabia Kazim.

“The organising of this exhibition and completing these projects not only equipped us with practical skills, but we also learnt how ideas can be pitched and displayed before others. I think students should do such products more often and professionals should also be invited so that a linkage between universities and industry could be established. This way many students can get to know what areas they need to work on and the industry can get fresh talent from universities,” said Jawad Abbasi, Class Representative (CR) and one of the organisers.

“This exhibition provided us with an opportunity to practice what we had learned in the classrooms. This was an activity which helped us acquire professional skills and we enjoyed doing this work,” said Syed Sajjad Ali, another student.

LECTURE: Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre will organize two lectures on ‘EU, India and China - Three Regional Powers in International Relations’ and ‘Afghanistan: Present Challenge and Future Prospects’ on Tuesday (today) at 10am in the committee room of the centre. The lectures will be delivered by Prof Dr Piotr Balcerowicz and Prof Agnieszka Kuszewska from University of Warsaw, Poland.