LAHORE - Daachi Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been set up to promote the cultural arts and crafts of Pakistan.

The Foundation’s second three-day Arts and Crafts Exhibition of 2015 will commence from November 7, at the Heritage Museum, Tollinton Market, The Mall, Lahore.

The event is aimed at promoting the cultural heritage and ideology of Pakistan.

In 2011, Daachi foundation held a ‘Grand Mela' and since then, it has regularly been holding Arts and Crafts Exhibitions annually. Artisan’s from all over Pakistan display their handicrafts on this event.

Ayesha Noorani, the CEO of Daachi told The Nation that the “Daachi Foundation” is dedicated to uplifting and preserving the cultural arts of Pakistan. Its vision is to sustain these arts and crafts as a form of a cottage industry to maintain millions of livelihoods and, thus, contribute enormously to the economy of our nation."

The focus for the organisation for the future is the Daachi Village at Raiwind which will build on the skills of artisans and craftsmen with improved design input and lay a base for gaining better profits for them. It encompasses the promotion of the ideology and culture of the country through its crafts, cuisine, folk and Sufi music.

The village will become a center where craftsmen and designers will work together to create products, using traditional skills and methods but with a contemporary appeal.

It will contain crafts bazaar, food court, museum, art gallery, health centre and will be able to provide all resources and infrastructure to art lovers and researchers at a single platform.

The vision comprises a revival and promotion of Pakistan’s traditional crafts and provides better income generation to craftsmen and entrepreneurs. This is an excellent initiative creating awareness and recognition of local craftsmen and improving their products to ensure a profitable gain to the craftsman.

Sara Waqar, a volunteer and media manager for Daachi said that the organisation was wanted to sustain the cultural heritage of Pakistan. "Daachi is helping the cottage industry maintain millions of livelihoods and contribute enormously to the economy of our nation. The upcoming festival is a matter of national pride for the organisation, for domestic enterprises and for the local community,” she concluded.