It appears there is complete disconnect between President and ground realities and there ought to be. This is how it always is with any despot and dictator who has to constantly pass the buck of his failures on others. As with other rulers of his breed and creed, he remains surrounded by lackeys and hangers on, opportunists and sycophants, men of lowest moral and ethical standards that are corrupt to the core. Their combined aim is to lie to the people, hoodwink them by inventing new 'topi dramas everyday while they keep trampling the Supreme Court orders and loot the poor nation with highest ever corruption. We have no way out except to demand an immediate caretaker government minus Mr Zardari. The caretaker set up should hold independent elections so that honest, noble men come into power in place of this corrupt and incompetent lot. -A. MUSTAFA, Peshawar, September 10.