LAHORE - Since the Supreme Courts directions to the government to write to the Swiss authorities to reopen cases of graft against its top figure President Asif Ali Zardari to the latest Irfan Qadir episode, a strong impression is growing at the public level as if the government is intentionally not carrying out the judicial orders of the high profile personalities and leading the country to chaos at a time when the nation is already facing serious internal and external problems. Legal experts are much concerned over the situation as most of them accused the rulers of not complying by the SC orders for their own benefit and at the cost of the country. For them, the situation is serious to the extent of giving rise to the voice for martial law in the country. President Supreme Court Bar Association Qazi Anwar said defiance of the Apex Court orders by the government was just like establishing a law of jungle in the country. He wondered that Irfan Qadir had blatantly disobeyed the SC order and when asked why he is doing it, he pointed at the Aiwan-e-Sadar but no clarification against his allegation came from the latter. The consistently adopted defying attitude of the government about the SC decisions, he said, is boosting a common man to take the law into his hand. Former President SCBA Muhammad Akram Sheikh said the defiance of the judicial orders by the government was exposing it to the liability fixed in Al-Jihad case II of 1998 for the reason under Article 189 and 190, all state authorities are obliged to ensure implementation of the judicial orders. Government is disobeying the decisions which are not according to their aspirations and in result the country was heading towards anarchy and chaos. He strongly opposed the idea that ill governance should not be exploited as a justification for bringing martial law in the country. He asserted that given the current situation, those defying SC orders, are punishable for high treason. Sheikh feared by the 'conspiracy prepared allegedly at the Federal level to kill LHC CJ Khwaja Muhammad Sharif. He was surprised that the Punjab government had only lodged a complaint with the ISI instead of getting the matter probed through its own agencies. He named three high profile persons allegedly behind this conspiracy and said it was a high time that the true patriotic forces come out of their shell and play their constitutional role to save the country. In his view formation of the national government in the country is a big answer to the present chaotic situation and a necessary measure to save the country. Former Attorney General of Pakistan Sardar Latif Khan Khosa categorically denied any defiance of the SC decisions by the government. He, however, added that certain procedural formalities are taking time in implementing the decisions. On the issue of Irfan Qadir removal and his alleged refusal, he said a wrong impression was created on his removal as Qadir wanted de-notification of his appointment orders which has to come through the Law Ministry following Prime Minister order. He said the PM had explained the matter as government was not defying the orders. Khosa said confrontation of the institutions was no way good for the country and the PPP repels to pursue that course. To a question on the extension given by the SC to 33 High Court judges at the nick of completion of their one-year period as additional judges, he said in view of some senior jurists this extension was an 'extra-constitutional measure akin to a measure under 'doctrine of necessity. In view of these jurists, he said, the SC was bound to act strictly within its power under Article 175(2) of the Constitution and not beyond that but the decision in question was outside that purview, and despite that the government was fully implementing that order. He said 18th Amendment was not suspended and had a provision for removal of difficulties. Former Federal Law Minister Dr Khalid Ranjha said, Acting as a sacred cow, the government does not want the Supreme Court to closely monitor the government matters that it does according to its will and choices.