ISLAMABAD In the wake of fresh aggression of Indian security forces against innocent Kashmiris in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan on Monday condemned the Indian barbarism in the occupied valley and asked the world community to use its influence to help stop killings there. Pakistan condemns the recent killings of innocent Kashmiris in the Indian Kashmir and we call upon the world community to take notice of the Indian aggression in Srinagar and use its influence to get it stopped, a spokesperson of Foreign Office said on Monday. According to reports emanating from Srinigar, twelve protesters and a policeman were killed Monday in the Indian Kashmir on the most deadly day of violence since mass demonstrations against Indian occupation began three months ago, police said. The Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India requires to be on President Obamas agenda, think many analysts in Pakistan. A number of analysts stated on Monday when approached by this reporter that it is certainly heartening to view the relentless efforts which, they argued, President Obama had taken upon himself by embarking on a great mission to trot around the Muslim states in particular and the African countries to remedy the pending issues and disputes and evolve solutions to economic development and uplift programmes within those regions and as well improve relations between them and the USA. They are hopeful that since he (Obama) is attending one of the oldest disputes pending in the region the other tough and long overdue settlement of the struggle of the Muslims of Indian held Jammu & Kashmir dispute will not escape his agenda too.