LAHORE - The absence of 3D ultrasound machine in Lady Wellington Hospital is causing great inconvenience to the patients, as the hospital administration is referring the patients to private clinics and hospitals that charge the fee of Rs2,500 per patient, The Nation has learnt. As per details, the 3D ultrasound machine can expose the three dimensions of the children before birth and the machine can also expose the abnormal position of a child but the administration of the Lady Wellington Hospital is referring the patients to the private clinics and hospitals. Hospital sources privy to the matter revealed that the administration of the hospital is intentionally keeping a mum over the great inconvenience of the patients as they are being referred to the private clinics and hospitals for ultrasound. They revealed that the being the big hospital of the Punjab, the administration of the hospital is not facilitating the poor masses coming from across the province. Some hospital officials also alleged that private mafia (clinics and hospitals) are charging about Rs2,500 against per patient for ultrasound. On the other hand, the latest 4D ultrasound machine has also arrived in the market as it can also reveal that whether the child is male or female. Some doctors of the Lady Wellington Hospital also revealed that there was no facility of ultrasound for the patients during the evening hours as this facility is only available in the labour room of the hospital. They also claimed on condition of anonymity that there are no experts and sufficient number of physicians and consultants in the hospital. The patients are being referred to the Mayo Hospital for seeking the opinion of the surgery (operation) of the patients due to which many times the patients met with severe losses in case of being late. The Medical Superintendent of Lady Wellington Hospital, Dr Abdul Shaheen did not attend the phone call of this scribe when he (Dr Shaheen) was contacted in this regard.