LAHORE When the Punjab government is attaching huge importance to merit and professionals, there is one public sector college just a stones throw from Secretary Higher Educations office, where head of the Psychology Department has taken over the Mass Communication Department, and the qualified teachers have been relegated to redundancy. As per sources, in gross violations of rules and regulations of the Higher Education Commission, the administration of Government MAO College has notified Tauqir Saleem Khan, head Psychology Department, to run the affairs of the Mass Communication Department as Chairman. Interestingly, in the process the qualified staff of the media studies has been neglected, which seems to be a whimsically done in order to put a favourite in a higher place. Since the provincial government has also launched BS (Honours) 4-year programme in 26 public sector institutions across the Punjab, and this particular College is also included in it, while the Mass Communication Department will also run the same programme. One can gauge the interest and sincerity of the government officials when the concerned have appointed a psychologist as head of the Department sans any thought process about which the latter might not know even the ABC, commented a senior teacher, seeking anonymity. Earlier, the newly-placed 'bunch of great brains has already flip-flopped with the admission and entry test dates. Even poor at date counting, the College administration lost its way while announcing the dates for the submission of forms and holding of the entry tests for almost all departments of the College, including the Mass Communication and Psychology departments. Twice the advertisements were published in the national dailies, and even then the administration failed to hold tests as per the announced dates since these were done during the Eid holidays. Apparently, no body seemed to have questioned the College administration about causing loss to the public exchequer by getting advertisements published twice. Resultantly, in contrary to the published dates, tests were held as per some 'personally convenient dates prior to the announced ones, while a large number of students were kept in darkness about it. However, the admission process continued and said to have been completed as well, which has raised doubts about the transparency of the admissions in the minds of the people, who are seeing some method behind the reckless changing of dates. However, according to the source, the College administration is thinking to conduct the tests again, whereas it preconcludes the possibility that Tauqir Saleem Khan will keep on holding the forte of the Mass Communication Department, while the qualified staff will be neglected till the HEC and the Higher Education Departments provided it wakes up act to mend the wrongs.