LAHORE Pakistans fixing tainted cricket trio returned to the country in the wee hours of Saturday seemingly avoiding angry scenes at the Lahore Airport where protesters had gathered with rotten eggs and placards. Team captain Salman Butt, bowlers Mohammed Asif and Mohammed Amir were led from their plane to a waiting bus and driven away through a cargo entrance within minutes of landing. Their lawyers earlier said they had promised to co-operate with police investigations and would return to the United Kingdom if required. The three have already been suspended by the International Cricket Council and charged under its anti-corruption code. They were smiling and looked relaxed, he said. Their body language was very positive. It seemed as if they had done something really great, a protester who waited for hours to greet their arrival, said. Some waved shoes while others had brought rotten eggs. Their numbers soon swelled as taxi drivers and many at the airport joined and the crowd stared shouting Long live thieves and gamblers. The players, who have denied any wrongdoing, were released without charge after being quizzed at a London police station on September 3. When Ijaz Butt, the team manager, returned to Pakistan earlier in the week he was greeted by cries of Shame and one demonstrator threw a shoe at him. This time the Pakistan Cricket Board took no chances. To avoid any untoward situation, the players were sent home with security from a separate cargo gate, an airport official said.