Some might like Rehman Malik for his style but the majority hates him. He is your proverbial western cowboyor shall we say 'cowmanthat shoots from the hip, kills first and asks questions later. In his latest action, he has banned five Balochi militant groups which were not even registered anywhere and has not even bothered taking the democratic set-up of Balochistan into confidence about this. In a repeat of the actions of his predecessor from the Musharraf era, he has also transferred powers of police to Frontier Corps (FC), presumably with orders to shoot at sight. Is he preparing ground for the 'big action people are talking about? If he is, has he taken President Asif Ali Zardari into confidence? Everybody knows that he doesnt take such actions without a nod from his 'real boss. Does that mean the Presidency has signaled for a change in Balochistan without knowledge of the PM? After all, the latter has denied the prospect of such an action in his very latest statement? -DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, September 10.