LAHORE - Nawabzada Mansoor Khan, Chief of Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) has revealed that foreigners especially the American nationals are seen in some parts of Southern Punjab while carrying out shadowy activities, however, it is also possible that they may want to create their spying network in southern parts of the province to achieve unspecified targets. Mansoor, who is also Chief of Pakistan Democratic Front, made these revelations in an exclusive chat with TheNation on Monday. He, while confirming the presence of the US nationals and other foreigners said that he himself spotted the Americans near Shershah oil reservoir, Multan, as the US nationals were travelling in a jeep towards Dera Ghazi Khan with special security. PDP Chief revealed that the US nationals under various covers were travelling in some parts of the Southern Punjab, which include Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Khanewal. Movement these nationals were also seen in Rahim Yar Khan and Bhawalpur but he could not confirm the US nationals movements in the two districts of Southern Punjab, however, he not only confirmed the Americans presence in Multan and DG Khan but he also revealed that they lodged at the Khanewal Circuit House sometime back. About the source of information regarding the movement of the US nationals and other foreigners, he said that various local leaders of the stated areas of Southern Punjab have told him about the covert movements of the foreign nationals in their areas while talking about the growing influence of the US in the affairs of our government. He said that the visiting US nationals could be the members of the infamous mercenary organisation 'Black Water, as the US administration had given a contract to the notorious organisation to carry out its 'dirty work, however, the Americans also carry out their covert operations by launching its Navy Seals and Marines under diplomatic cover. Mansoor asserted that the stated foreign nationals reportedly make their bids to recruit members of local population to carry out their dirty business, as they want to maintain low profile and to avoid their movements from public eye and this was really a dangerous omen that the Americans field our own people to continue their ill-intentions. Veteran political leader also divulged that the movements of the US nationals and other foreigners had started in Southern Punjab during Pervez Musharrafs regime and was continuing in the rule of democratically elected government. Meanwhile, well-placed sources privy to the developments of foreign nationals movements and activities in Southern Punjab told this scribe that the stated citizens might want to create their 'human intelligence network in Southern Punjab based on the members of local population to remove their fears regarding the presence of network of so-called Punjabi Taliban in these areas or for some other unknown plans. However, state security agencies were fully vigilant to thwart any danger to the security of the country. It is to be mentioned here, when this reporter contacted several known political figures of Southern Punjab to confirm the movements and suspected activities of foreign nationals nobody was ready to verify any information in this regard on the record, however, Nawabzada Mansoor Khan made some shocking revelations regarding foreign nationals movements on the record. PDP Chief who hails from Muzzaffargarh giving his observations about the recent floods, which devastated several parts of Southern Punjab especially Muzzaffargarh district said that his district consists of 93 union councils of which 62 union councils were erased from the map of the province during the furious floods. He said that both federal and provincial governments had done nothing for the flood affectees except the hollow promises and they did nothing on ground, while the local leaders including him were carrying out the relief activities on their own. Mansoor observed that the system of poor governance, which had been running in the country for the last 63 year would not sustain any longer and a 'new system would soon replace it or the country would face a bloody revolution. About the 'flood politics of various parties in the disaster-hit areas, he said that it would not work and no political party could add a single vote to its pocket unless it would take practical measures to provide relief and rehabilitation of the flood affectees. Predicting a crisis of food shortage in the coming months, he said that several food godowns in Punjab, Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and Sindh were washed away in the recent floods and if the government did not take wise steps to meet this challenge then crisis of food shortage would be the new disaster after the flood, which could bring anarchy in the country. He demanded that the government should immediately announce a relief package for the farmers of the flood-hit areas, as the stated farmers could not stand on their feet for next 10 years due to the devastation of the recent floods. Regarding the possibilities of armys intervention in the current situation, he remarked that the 'democratic forces should take immediate steps to pacify the rising temperatures of the masses in order to block the way of 'undemocratic forces.