A. R. Jerral The unprecedented floods that hit Pakistan have caused massive devastation in the country. A study done for Kalabagh Dam by WAPDA listed massive floods which had hit the then Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakht-unkhwa) in 1918. The intensity of those floods was also similar to the present floods. Then it was thought to be a natural phenomenon. Even now these floods have been taken as a natural calamity; however, not anymore. We witnessed that when one flood flow passed us by, the meteorological authorities would predict a second storm system developing over the area and warned the nation of subsequent floods of the same or increased intensity. This happened over and over. Then the rumours started spreading. It was alleged that our classic and reliable friend - the United States of America - is manipulating the weather over Pakistan. It sounded like the proverbial conspiracy theory. So one was reminded of a sci-fi movie in which the villain had developed a technical system by which he could induce massive flooding, heavy rains and destructive thunderstorms. He used these manipulated calamities to blackmail governments for personal gains and profits. Though it all looked fascinating and exciting; in our conversations, we dismissed it as Yankee-phobia. But the rumours persisted. In this backdrop, I started a search to find out that if the weather could be manipulated and with what accuracy. There was evidence that artificial rains could be created, but huge cloudburst which could bring massive floods and that too in a desired region or area was a fanciful idea. After that I hit upon a website harp.com and was amazed to find out that it is possible. But the information given in the website under weather manipulation is technical and sketchy. The Pakistan Meteorological Department, the SUPARCO and the Institute of Space Technology should study this website and analyse it for whatever its worth is. The rumours held that the US has an advanced Meteorological Station somewhere in Alaska from where they are influencing the upper atmosphere, causing massive cloudbursts over the upper areas of KP province which are causing massive floods. These rumours argued that had it been a natural monsoon phen-omenon, rains would be widespread not over the same area again and again. Reading the details what the Anonymous Coward, the author of the report maintains it is possible. The research started some time in the eighties, as a project of the US Department of Defence. The project was launched under the title of The Alaska North Slope Electric Missile Shield. Dr Bernard J. Eastlund was the Project Director. The project was designed to develop a defence shield in the upper atmosphere against incoming ballistic missiles. In laymans term, the idea was to heat up the upper atmosphere to an extent that a missile passing through the heated atmosphere would meltdown and be destroyed. So Dr Eastlund developed a heating device that could fire charge heated electrons in the atmosphere at enhanced energy level into the ionosphere, thus heating it up; it could be arrayed in multi-directions and pointed in a desired location for the desired effect. The heater was patented by Dr Eastlund in 1987. Eventually, the National Public Radio, on September 6, 1987, reported: Dr Eastlund stated that his invention could be used to change the weather by redirecting the very high wind patterns. The heating device uses an earth based power source to create electro-magnetic radio waves and focuses them way up into the atmosphere. Dr Eastlund claimed that the device could steer the jet stream and could be used to disrupt the communications world over. Heating of the ionosphere causes an avalanche downwards to the point of breakdown in lower fields of atmosphere. It can be used to pinpoint and focus energy in altitude and elevation. Thus, a specific point of atmosphere can be ionised from where the point of breakdown can descend vertically. Hence, the cloudburst can be caused at a desired point in the atmosphere. As a result, this device was installed in the largest 'Confined Heating Complex in the world located in Alaska. So the rumours were correct to that extent. Nevertheless, when the full potential of the device became known the US Department of Defence developed other potential uses for the device which could be adopted for strategic and tactical advantages at national and military levels. The department, through trials determined that the device at different strengths could blackout communications in desired locations, wipe out power grids, do deep earth scans, locate underground enemy installations and be launched to destroy all life without damaging the infrastructure. But why cause floods in Pakistan? We all know that the US has accepted Pakistans nuclear status reluctantly. They will go to any length to see that the potential and the assets are neutralised effectively. They have their own threat perceptions: a Muslim country with strong Islamic leanings having nuclear capability is a hindrance to the US dream of world domination. The perceived American Century cannot have a potential enemy with such capability; a military option is already in the planning process as was reported by the Washington Post sometime back. Furthermore, military option is a costly affair, especially against a nuclear opponent. A less costly measure launched to create loss and chaos in the target country is more desirable. The device built by Dr Eastlund comes handy in such cases and produces the desired strategic effects. Floods induced by this device have inflicted huge damage causing heavy economic loss and resultant instability in Pakistan. The floods in Pakistan have caused financial losses amounting to billions of dollars. Pakistan will require huge cash inflows to embark on rebuilding the damage. Usually in such calamities the world community rises to aid and assist for rehabilitation. But in this case, the response from world community is at its lowest ebb; see the connection With no or limited help Pakistan will remain at the mercy of the World Bank and IMF. The aid or loans provided by these agencies come at premium. It is an open secret that both these agencies are under Americas control. Through these aid agencies the US administration can apply conditions for the achievement of its strategic national objectives. Indeed, inflicting huge losses by inducing natural calamities cost less without any blame game. As evident, Pakistan has become financially and politically vulnerable and can now be manipulated politically in any desired direction. The technological advancement has given the US huge power clout to play God in the world. The West, led by the US, has become a predator system in the world seeking total domination. To stand against such a system, a country needs leadership of higher calibre which unfortunately Pakistan lacks. Fatefully, while the country is suffering collectively due to the floods, our leadership is embroiled in non-issues. Certainly, this was the time to unite together and adopt a collective strategy to overcome the disaster in a dignified manner without bowing to foreign pressure; instead we are fighting over petty issues started by a leader who works through remote control. Pakistan is constantly kept in turmoil by one incident after other. The US may play God, but there are lesser mortals who have stood against it defiantly and are still standing. All it needs is a resolve and unity in ranks to stand up and uphold the ideals that are the real essence of living-freedom, equality and the right to live according to ones beliefs. At this stage, we as a nation need to live austerely, shun extravagance and channel our total work and resource potential to rebuild Pakistan. It will take a while, but our resolve will reduce the foreign pressures. The US may induce nature to cause whatever damage it can; there is no device or invention yet in place which can take away the will and resolve of a nation. Do we Pakistanis have that? If not we do not deserve to exist as a nation. The writer is a freelance columnist.