OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A local Magistrate Abid Islam on Tuesday remanded five accused persons to police custody for further investigations on the changes of stealing a Railway bogie filled with copper last month and then taking it away from Raiwind Station to Kharian and leaving the same there vacant. The police had arrested Saleem Akhtar and others after media flashed the theft report of the railway bogie which contained copper scrape worth more than Rs 2.4 million. The bogie was left vacant at Kharian after it was got registered in the record that it had carried personal luggage of an officer of sensitive institution. However, the documents in relation to the luggage proved fake, bogus and fabricated to cover up the alleged theft of copper. The police last day prayed to the court for further remand of the accused persons as a part of the money received from the sale of copper had been recovered and the matter was needed to be further investigated.