ISLAMABAD - The Awami National Party has, once again, demanded of the government probe serious allegations levelled against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) by former home minister Sindh Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. Addressing a protest demonstration organised here in front of Islamabad Press Club on Tuesday by the local chapter of Awami National Party to record their protest against the foul utterances against ANP leadership by MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain, Senator Zahid Khan said that government should quiz MQM leadership about the serious allegations like becoming part of international conspiracy to break the Pakistan and to kill Pashtuns. He said that allegations like letter written by MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain to former British Premier Tony Blair against ISI, his admission to be a part of an international conspiracy to break up Pakistan and in the process target Pashtuns with the aim to flush them out from port city of Karachi were needed to be probed. He said that having differences with Pak Army or ISI was something else, as all segments of society were like a family in a home but conspiring against the establishment in collusion with foreigners was an act of high treason and demanded of the government to take action against all those found involved in such a heinous crime against the state. Zahid made it loud and clear that he was stressing for an impartial inquiry into the blames of serious nature against MQM and the onus of responsibility was also on MQM as well and they should themselves demand for it to clear them of these charges if these were wrong and fabricated. He further said that Pakistan could not afford incident like 1971 and all patriotic forces should come forward and pressurise the government to look into the serious allegations levelled against MQM or any other party so that truth would come to fore. Commenting on assassination of Sher Muhammad Khan, Awami National Party leader in Lower Dir, in a blast on Tuesday, he said that slain leader never became violent or had enmity with anyone but he was killed only because Awami National Party was a patriotic party and was a major hindrance in the way of terrorists or the elements who wanted to harm the country, therefore terrorists were targeting them. He said that Awami National Party stood up against those who wanted to destroy Pakistan, its economy and economic hub, so the enemy of the country started targeting them and gave a long list of their leaders who were killed in the terrorist activities in the recent past. We are followers of Bacha Khan who had taught us to be non-violent and never respond to violence with violence. So that is why we are targeted when we are declaring peace with all, Zahid said. He said that people had been told lies in the last 63 years and the nation was bearing brunt of the wrong policies of establishment, as economy of the country was destroyed and terrorism was in vogue. Had policies were kept in right direction in the past, situation would have been far different today, he pointed out. Central Vice President of ANP Bushra Gohar, president for Rawalpindi district, President for Islamabad district and its President for Taxila region and workers of the party of the said districts participated in the protest rally that warned MQM of keeping itself aloof from blaming central leadership of the party. In his press conference former Sindh minister Zulfiqar Mirza blamed the MQM for ruing peace.