OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE: Mian Azhar, former president PML-Q says he along with his loyalists could either form a new political party or join a clean political force in the future. Talking to The Nation on Tuesday, he said, A meeting of his supporters mostly hailing from Lahore held last Sunday in which 40 percent of them proposed to join the PTI, while the remaining 60 percent suggested forming a new political party, reclaiming the PML-Qs throne or joining a likeminded political alliance. When asked about the possibilities of joining the PTI in the near future, he remarked that he along with his colleagues held meetings with PTI leadership but they havent decided to join Imran Khan as yet. Azhar, who was also former governor Punjab, said that all the options would come under discussion in the next meeting, which would be convened in the next few days. He added that he and his supporters were not in a hurry to join anyone, as they would take any decision after thorough deliberations over the already presented proposals and the new suggestions, which would be proposed by his colleagues in the next moot. Meanwhile, PTI chief, Imran Khan addressing a party gathering at Islampura said that time has come to clean the 'dengue virus from the political ranks. He said that all the political leaders and parliamentarians should declare their assets, while they all the members of the ruling elite should also bring back their foreign assets in the country if they were really sincere with motherland. Imran Khan said that PTI would launch across the board accountability process to clean the country from the corrupt elements when he come to power.