LAHORE Apparently one could not fathom bitter diatribe of the police by members of the Punjab Assembly, especially from the Treasury side, when the Deputy Speaker allowed his fellows speak on Points of Order unabatedly on the cops humiliation of the elected representatives. They all addressed 'no body in particular, but repeatedly requested Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan to restore their honour in the face of ever-increasing transgression and with malice aforethought of the police. Carrying burden of being elected by a large number of people, it seems that the representatives have started feeling irrelevant, and their frustration was poured onto in-uniform and civil officers the usual soft target at the Assembly since they could not speak against 'somebody whom they implicitly held responsible for the maltreatment being meted out to them. Also Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan sat mum and listened to the speeches till he was asked to conclude the 'debate which got initiated after Malik Muhammad Abbas Raa read a Privilege Motion asserting that DSP Delhi Gate Multan Sahadat had levelled baseless allegations against him, and disallowed him to park his vehicle near the main entrance of the shrine of Hazrat Zakrya (RA). After the Motion was referred to the Privilege Committee, senior member Saeed Akbar Niwani pointed out arrest of an ex-MPA Rizwan Gill by the Sargodha police. He mentioned that in one of the meetings of the Privilege Committee an officer had dared the MPs to do whatever they liked to. Otherwise-poor performer during Question-Hours Parliamentary Secretary Local government and Community Development Department Abdul Razzaque Dhilloon narrated the incident as an eye-witness, and under oath clarified that Gill was not culprit. It was because of lawyers pressure that the arrest was made. The police humiliated Gill and me in full public view, when the cops had made forced entry into the ex-MPs house, he added. PML-Ns Sana Ullah Mastikhel wanted stern action against the police. Qs Zobia Rubab Malik told the House about bad attitude of the picket-police. MMAs Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi asserted that the police had violated sanctity of home, and it was curfew-like situation around the police station where the apprehended former MPA was stationed. He suggested formation of MPAs-comprising committee to submit a report in the House. PPPs Nazim Hussain Shah requested the Deputy Speaker to look into Niwanis statement. Syed Hassan Murtaza was of the considered opinion that it was because of the Members since the latter influenced complaining colleagues to withdraw motions, which had emboldened the cops in act recklessly. The babus are like dengue mosquito biting people whole day instead of doing so in the mornings and evenings, like the insect does. They should be told about their real worth of two-pennies, he demanded, while commenting that if the Treasury MPAs were maltreated, then cops behaviour to Oppositions members could be visualised. While detailing the House about an event, Amna Ulfat wanted Deputy Secretarys ruling on Military Polices attitude at check-points. I want to know under whose authority they fall? she questioned. Rai Shahjehan demanded registration of FIR against the policemen, who had arrested Rizwan Gill, and offered to provide a long list of police high-handedness. To him, District Police Officer Sargodha was an 'artiste, not a hero. Shaukat Aziz Bhatti reminded Rana Sana of the police torture during the last tenure, and deemed that the Minister could very well visualise it, and was better placed to provide remedy. Rana Sana neither contradicted nor rebutted the allegations levelled by the MPAs, and assured the House for actualising recommendations of the privilege Sargodha incident, he mentioned that the Chief Minister had already ordered an enquiry. I assure action in 24 hours, he promised. Rana Mashhood observed that the call of the House is: Either finish our privilege or keep it intact. He told the House that Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Law Minister would meet to logically conclude the issue, and the House would be informed about it on Wednesday (today). Opposition Leader Raja Riaz Ahmed put the onus of the police wrongdoings on the CM, and asserted that it was because of Shahbaz Sharifs insulting attitude towards the elected representatives, and keeping the babus close to his heart. Earlier, the House started its proceedings at 10:50am, and took up the Question Hour regarding the Board of Revenue. Rana Sana replied the queries. When Naseem Lodhi contended the veracity of a reply about Mayani Sahab Graveyard, the Deputy Speaker instructed constituting a committee to probe illegal encroachment of the graveyard, and other issues.