ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Rehman Malik Tuesday admitted that people arrested during recent Karachi operation belonged to all political parties as well as all of these were involved in land grabbing there, as 14,000 acres of land has been grabbed in the metropolitan in connivance with the revenue department. He, flanked by Secretary Interior Khawaja Siddique Akbar, was speaking a press conference at the National Press Club. President NPC Afzal Butt also accompanied him. The minister who had apparently come to visit NPC just for his image building, as he is facing serious allegations from some of his own party members including Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and Lashker Riasani, avoided to respond to these allegations. The interior minister describing the gravity of issue of Karachi said that it was political, ethnic as well as sectarian one and at the same time drug, land and extortionist mafias were operating in different parts of the city. The drug and extortionist mafias had divided the city into their own carved out zones to mint money where they operate, he informed. He further said that Karachi police protected the offices of some extortionist mafias and action had been taken against such officials. He said that no-go areas in Karachi had been cleared of and Rangers as well as police cloud move freely in those areas that were not accessible by these in the past. The minister while briefing the media persons on a host of issue including Karachi and Balochistan said that efforts were under way to get back the grabbed land as the record of this land had been tempered with in connivance with the Sindh Revenue Department. During the recent operation, flags of various parties had been removed on various locations in this regard, he added. He also viewed that political parties did not recruit criminals, but these culprits tried to take refuge in political parties after committing crimes. He said that the operation in Karachi was being conducted without any discrimination with the sole purpose to bring peace in Karachi. He further informed that this was the temporary phase of the operation while severe crackdown would be launched against the criminals in the next phase of the operation. He further said that law enforcement agencies had apprehended 48 target killers, 90 criminals, 28 extortionists and recovered 308 weapons from their possession. His ministry has audio, videotapes and list of criminals and the names of the criminals would be made public after getting permission from the Supreme Court, he suggested. Malik also informed that top al-Qaeda leader Younis al-Mauritania was under custody of Pakistani security agencies and no decision had been made to hand over him to any foreign country till yet. About the allegations of Leader of Opposition in National Assembly, Malik made it clear that he had no link with any terrorist. He said a committee had been constituted to probe an incident in which some unidentified persons had tortured journalists of a private TV channel. Judicial Commission probing the killing of a journalist, Saleem Shahzad, has submitted its report with the ministry of interior, he added. He also informed that four persons had been arrested in connection with the killing of a journalist of a private TV channel in Karachi. Responding to a question, the minister said he was enjoying good relations with MQM, which was part of the Parliament, adding that it would be unjustified to declare any political party a terrorist organisation without any evidence. He also said he had not released any criminal in Karachi and if anyone had evidence, one could approach the court. He answering another question, said that the government of Pakistan would not allow any foreign security agency to operate in the country and the movement of the foreigners had been restricted. No foreign security agency is operating in the country, he clarified. Malik also said that the government had blocked about 20.1 million illegal mobile SIMs. We are contacting Interpol to ban all Internet based blogs that are being operated from foreign countries and hatred material against Pakistan is being published on these, he added.