LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution with majority vote seeking legal cover for Panchayat System in rural areas of Punjab to ensure prompt dispensation of justice to the people at the local level. The resolution, moved by Humaira Awais Shahid of PML-Q, demanded of the government to make the Panchayat system more effective for resolution of disputes and provision of justice to people in rural areas by bringing this institution under a legal frame work. The House approved the resolution after half-an hour debate, as majority of legislators supported it with only a few votes of dissent coming from PPP legislators. The House recommends that the system should be strengthened by determining the role of Panchaytees (decision makers) who should not be allowed to violate human rights as guaranteed in Islam and the Constitution. They should also be made to work under the Constitution with the provision to make them accountable under the law, it further read. Two PPP members including Sajida Mir and Hassan Murtaza opposed the resolution on the plea that Panchayats had earned bad name for the country at the international level. Sajida cited the notorious Mukhtaran Mai case to substantiate her point. Muhammad Aamir Dogar of the PPP, Alauddin Sheikh of PML-Q forward bloc, Amna Ulfat and Dr. Samia Amjad of PML-Q supported the resolution. Muhammad Rafique, Asghar Ali Manda and other PML-N members also gave arguments in its favour. Muhammad Rafique said that Panchayat system had legal cover in India also.