OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE On the orders of Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir, an extensive dengue spray has been initiated at all Lahore police stations, offices, Police Lines Qilla Gujjar Singh, Qurban Lines and police residences on emergency bases. According to an official handout issued on Tuesday, CCPO has ordered taking all possible preventive measures in all sections of Lahore police to prevent dengue disease on immediate bases, as prevention is better than cure. The CCPO has also directed that dengue spray ought to be conducted in all police stations and offices of Lahore Police, at least twice a week, after which doors should kept shut for sometime. He further directed that all utensils, drums, water tanks and other items, which contain water in police stations, should be properly covered, whereas water in the room coolers, installed at offices, should be drained. He directed use of coils and mats, along with dengue spray, whereas strenuous efforts should be made so that water is not collected around police residences, including lawns. The top cop advised officers that if they do catch the disease, they should immediately contact hospitals.