ISLAMABAD - PTCL is leading the broadband revolution in the country from the front. Through its commitment and mandate of bringing Broadband service to all the people of Pakistan via its up to date and state of the art wired and wireless platform, PTCL has managed to firmly place itself as the undisputed leader in the Broadband sector in the country, says a press release. Pursuing an aggressive policy of expansion, which has made the service available to a wide spectrum of customers from high end corporate sector to low income, rural areas, PTCL has played the role of catalyst in the exponential growth in the broadband sector that has enabled Pakistan to be ranked amongst the top countries with highest growth rate in broadband internet. Pakistan, which has seen a boom in its promising telecom sector and information technology services in recent years, recorded around 46.2 percent growth of subscribers and is placed fourth on the ranking list with Serbia on the top, says a press release issued here on Tuesday. This distinction for Pakistan has been made possible due to PTCLs vision and belief in the development of broadband network and major investment in the sector. Since PTCLs entry in the broadband sector in 2007, the pricing and packaging and fast speeds offered to the subscribers have brought this service within reach of average consumer, opening unlimited possibilities on the information front.