OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE-Punjab Minister for Law Rana Sana Ullah Tuesday said that a suggestion was under consideration to get the Governors House vacated from the Governor and shift him at some smaller place. Talking to the media outside Punjab Assembly, the law minister said that a one-kanal house in GoR-I could be allocated to the Governor Punjab as per his official status. He said Governor could also be shifted in big houses occupied by the DCOs and the commissioners. He opined that after passage of 18th amendment, the governor had lost powers to appoint Vice-chancellors in public sector universities. He said chief minister was thinking of delegating his powers to appoint VCs to university syndicates for efficient functioning of the universities. He was of the view that no new legislation by the Provincial Assembly was required to curtail governors powers, as the same could be done through minor changes in the rules of procedure. To a question, the law minister said that there was no need to gather proofs of corruption against Asif Ali Zardari, as his name had become symbol of corruption. Responding to a question about dengue fever, he said that Punjab government was doing its utmost to exterminate dengue virus. Later responding to Rana Sanaullahs statement regarding shifting of Governor to a smaller office, Governor Khosa said: I would not respond to his statement as Rana is not an important personality. The Governor, however, hinted that his party would contest upcoming election in the name of Saraiki province. He was presiding over a launching ceremony of a book titled 'Saraiki Marsia of Dr Ghazanfar Mahdi. The ceremony was held at Governor House here on Tuesday. A number of other speakers including Rasool Bakhash Raees, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Prof Raizul Haq Tariq, Mir Ehsan Haidari, Naseer Turabi and others also addressed the ceremony. While lauding Dr Ghazanfar Mahdi, Punjab Governor said that President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari was also a Saraiki speaker and he ordered to hold the launching ceremony of this book at Governor House. He said it was unanimous belief of intellectuals that Saraiki was oldest and sweetest language of this region. He said Saraiki had been language of the people of this region for 7000 years. He said a number of researchers agreed that the Saraiki was the sweetest language. He further said it was official language about 200 years before in Raja Ranjeet Singhs era. Punjab Governor said that Dr Ghazanfar was considered authority on Saraiki language and literature. Quoting Dr Ghazanfar, he said federal government had allocated funds of millions of rupees for the promotion of Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi languages but allocation of only Rs 20,000 for Saraiki was a 'joke. He further said the incumbent government would address all injustices with Sariki language and region since the creation of Pakistan. He said that President Zardari wished that the intellectuals should come forward and play their role to counter extremism and sectarianism in the country. I also urge the intellectuals, poets and writers to come forward for this cause, he added. He said Dr Mahdi served the cause of Saraiki for all his life but he was not appreciated just being inhabitant of Saraiki region. He said they wanted promotions of all languages including Saraiki. On the occasion, Dr Rasool Bakhsh Raees said we should not ignore any language by saying it a dialect. He said the book of Dr Ghazanfar not only covered Saraiki Marsia but also civilization of the region. Asghar Nadeem Syed said the researcher, Dr Ghazanfar, not only complied the history of Saraiki Marsia but also did best research with new methodology. He said Marsia was integral part of Saraiki language.