NEW YORK (AFP) - Serena Williams on Monday escaped with a fine of just $2,000 for her US Open final rant, when she launched an angry tirade against the chair umpire in Sundays title match. Williams was handed a code violation by Greek umpire Eva Asderaki after the first game of the second set against Stosur, when she had been docked a point for intentional hindrance when she screamed 'Cmon before Stosur had a chance to put her racquet on the ball in a rally. The incident came on a break point, giving Stosur a break of serve. Williams berated Asderaki after the game and continued to complain bitterly during the subsequent changeover. US Open Tournament Referee Brian Earley has fined Serena Williams $2,000 following the code violation issued for verbal abuse during the womens singles final, the US Tennis Association said in a statement.