Three members of a family including father and son were killed while two others injured seriously when a jeep while negotiating a sharp turn fell into a deep ditch in Batta More Union Council of Battagram on Wednesday. Those traveling in the jeep were going for funeral prayers and became victims of the accident. According to details, the sister-in-law of Gojra Ittehad Council leader Maulana Abdul Hameed Sabri died on Tuesday and large number of people were going to attend her Nimaz-e-Janaza on Wednesday Vice President of the Council Sardar Syed Faqirullah son of Haji Faqir Gul, Fazl-e-Rabbi and other persons were traveling in the jeep when it went out of control of the driver at a sharp turn and fell into a deep ditch. As a result, Sardar Syed Faqir, his father Faqir Gul and nephew died on the spot. Driver and another person were seriously injured. A large number of people took part in their funeral prayers and were later buried in their native village Dheri Gul.