Turkey has expelled Israeli ambassador and suspended military agreements with Israel following the revelation of UN report that unreasonable force was used by Israeli soldiers. At the same time the UN report also stated that Israeli naval blockade of Gaza was legal and based on legitimate security concerns. Israeli commandos had raided on the Gaza bound Flotilla in 2010 that resulted in the deaths of nine Turks. Furthermore, it is pleasing to know that Turkey has decided to take the issue to the International Criminal Court. Turkey is among few Muslim states that has established diplomatic relations with Israel. But, Turkey never compromised on its national interests. At this critical juncture, Muslim states are not in a position to confront the US or Israel. Unfortunately, Muslim rulers, more or less, are loyal to America rather than their own countrys interests. Surely, Turkey has again assumed the role of a Muslim leader in the world. Turkish political leadership has established political writ over the state institutions and has abolished military constitutional role in Turkey. Moreover, Turkeys honest, devoted and visionary leadership has eliminated corruption and put the nation on the road to prosperity. The Turkish people have brought about revolutionary changes through peaceful, political struggle and eventually have restored Islamic image of Turkey. The irony is that our leadership which is hand in glove with the Americans has pushed us back to the Stone Age. In fact, Turkish politicians are not bent on looting resources; they are not living extravagant life. Its worth mentioning that Turkish people do not worship USA as their overlord. Nor do they call it for the settlement of their political issues. A large part of Jammu and Kashmir is still in Indian hand but we doing nothing. On the other hand, Turkey sprung into action to claim its Turkish Cyprus and did not wait for UN intervention to resolve the issue like us. Indeed, Turkey should be a role model to be followed in all aspects. There is no doubt that USA has started its crusade against Pakistan. It is a pity that we are fighting over trifles and paving the way for US control in the region. After FATA and Karachi now Balochistan is being targeted by Americans and Indians. Our selfish and coward rulers should be replaced with upright people. Indeed today the country seems to be a vessel state of USA. Had Pakistan such brave and honest political leadership like Turkey we would be a super power. If Pakistan with its nuclear weapons and the best army had played its role, the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and middle east would have been different. Pakistan allying itself with America has done much harm to the Muslim cause and to itself. Our leadership must wake up from their slumber and make decisions in the lager interests of Muslims. Hopefully, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey can play a lead role and change fate of the Muslim world. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, September 6.