OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The 17th annual Urs of Hazrat Faqeer Sufi Mohammad Naqeeb Ullah would take place under the supervision of Col (r) Sufi Mohammad Azmatullah Shah in Kasur on 23rd September on Friday. A large number of people from with in and abroad will attend the Usr Jashan-e-Naqeebi. A session of Zikr and Naat Khawani would also be held on the same day after the Fajr paryers. The inauguration of Jashan-e-Naqeebi would take place on the same day after Asr prayers. A large number of devotees will attend the Urs ceremony. Sheet-laying (chadar poshi) will be done on the second day of the Urs. Naat Khwani and poetry contest will also be organized on the same day. On the third day after the sunset Sajada Nasheen will address to the devotees and after Isha prayers a special program of 'shab bedari will all the participants to do zikr and say prayers. On the last day, the shrine of Baba Hazoor will be given bath and Khatam-e-Khwajgan will also be observed on the day. Langar (food) will be distributed among the devotees on the occasion.