KARACHI - The convention on the topic Dialogue or Declaration of War against Internal threats to Pakistan has recommended to the government to set up a high powered commission to advise and oversee its actions in dealing with extremism, terrorism and insurgency within the country. The conference, which was organised by the Law Foundation here on Tuesday at a local hotel, presided over by its chairman former Chief Justice Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui, adopted a resolution observing that Declaration of war is no solution to the internal threats being faced by our beloved country. Internal security problems must first be addressed by the quarters concerned to resolve the issue by way of dialogues and if at all the use of force must strictly be limited to those elements that do not accept the writ of law and must be dealt with an iron hand. Terrorists outfits must be eliminated completely to secure the life and property of every citizen of Pakistan. Along with resolution the moot has also made over a dozen recommendations to the government which included reorganization / mobilization of Law Enforcement Agencies (Civil and Military), provision of proper financial resources, strengthening the implementation of Laws to deal with extremists, militants and insurgents, providing the courts much more resources as was envisioned in the access to justice programme and rooting out the corruption from the body of justice system in the State of Pakistan. The moot has also recommended the need for legislating laws on modern lines for prosecution, execution of court decisions and witnesses protection, training of the LEA to act according to law by regularly sending them to judicial academies to learn about laws of the land, strengthening the prosecution department on the lines of modern state to deal with terrorism and other serious matters as there could be no speedy trials without speedy prosecution processes by the authority. The moot has also stressed the need for establishing Special Prosecution Departments, immediate computerization of Armed Licenses - Federal / Provincial, and setting up a joint coordination committee of all Law Enforcement Agencies for close cooperation in fighting extremism and terrorism. All law enforcement agencies to have access to telecommunications companies for information on Cell / Line Phones and immediate withdrawal of police from VIP duty and assigned to Police stations./ Recruit additional Police force. All police stations with each other should be linked by computer, programme for immediate de-weaponisation be implemented and militant wings of political parties be Immediately be dismantled, security scanners and CCTV be installed at strategic locations in major cities and spot and random checking of vehicles at strategic locations within the cities. The conference also stressed the need for computerization of Vehicle Registration and providing smart check meters to the Police and determination of involvements of political parties or mafias in Political Ethnic and sectarian violence. In turf and proxy wars, Drug, Bhatta and land Mafias. The convention observed that after 64 years, the state of affairs in the State of Pakistan deteriorated systematically to such a point that even hope has become hopeless and the whole society is engulfed in ethnic riots, sectarianism and extremism. At this critical juncture where the state of affairs has come to such pass that the very existence of Pakistan as a sovereign state seems in jeopardy that it is a clarion call and a timely act that civil society and our major political parties must draw a consensus in solving the present dilemma engulfing Pakistan - the internal threats to very existence of the nation state.