Islamabad - An exhibition on Mughal and British architecture of Lahore city by renowned water colourist Sarfraz Musawir continues here at Jharoka Art Gallery (JAG) to attract a large number of art lovers.

The exhibition titled “Jin’nay Lahore Nai Vekhya...” is the portrayal of a collection of exquisite architectural paintings by the artist, known for his depiction of scenery, marketplace, landscapes and bazaar scenes. Sarfraz Musawir is the artist, graduated with a master degree in Physics from Sindh University, Hyderabad then took admission in the three-year diploma course at Shakoor’s School of Art. He has participated in international art exhibitions and shown his work at the International Watercolor Society Festival, Izmir Turkey and enjoys immense popularity amongst collectors. Speaking about the exhibition, Musawir said: “In Lahore, there are many landmarks of Mughal and British architecture, which have always fascinated me. The Walled City, with its captivating buildings, narrow streets, old bazaars, and residents who have lived there for generations, has attracted me the most. This part of the old city is now dilapidated. Beautiful buildings have been demolished, and others are under threat of being grounded,” he stated.

Musawir’s work also featured other parts of Lahore. A semi-side view of the Lahore Museum, with vehicles moving and figures seemingly walking, was eye-catching. The background is dull, making the museum the focal point of the painting. The painting reflects his ability to paint anywhere, with little regard to the surrounding. His detailing kept the focus on the museum.

Another intriguing painting was that of the Neela Gumbad area. The pond was the focus of the painting, and the reflections of sky and the buildings was well detailed. Buildings, shops, transport and figures - all add to the hustle and bustle of the depicted areas.

“The artist has transformed these places into pieces of art, Musawir’s work covered the various dimensions to the city and painted them with accuracy,” a visitor at exhibition commented.

The display will continue till September 16.