JEDDAH: The central management of developmental projects of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has prepared a comprehensive plan for the operation of Al-Mashaer train for Haj season, according to an online newspaper.

Under the plan, 370,000 pilgrims of the country, other Gulf countries, South Asian nations, Turkey and Europe are to be transported by the Al-Mashaer train. The entire plan is being closely monitored and supervised by Abdul Latheef Al-Asheikh, minister of municipal and rural affairs. The plan includes exact determination of the camps for pilgrims who will use the train and access stations in Mina, Jamrat, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

Six types of tickets, in the form of bracelets worn by pilgrims, have been readied, each with a different color. There will be a certain timetable for groups going to stations to avoid a rush inside the railways stations and surrounding areas.

The colors of these tickets will be different from those of last year to avoid misuse. For the entire Haj, from its very beginning to the days of Tashreeq, the cost of ticket is SR250. Other tickets for just one purpose would be SR50. Tickets of those serving pilgrims also cost SR50.

Courtesy: Arab News