PESHAWAR - The law and order situation has improved during the past two years in Balochistan and for the first time markets remain open till midnight, Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik said yesterday.

Speaking at a National Party (NP) convention held in Nishtar Hall, Dr Malik Baloch said for the first time in history of Balochistan, recruitments in police, health and education departments were being made through NTS to ensure merit

The NP central President Hasil Bezenjo administered oath to the newly-elected provincial cabinet of the party. A large number of workers and office-bearers of the party were present on the occasion.

“At least 72 active and organised kidnapping groups have been eliminated and only 2 to 3 suicide blasts have occurred in the first month of my government. Everyone can see betterment not only in law and order but in other sectors of the province,” he said.

“Though, Balochistan is facing financial problems, we are offering Rs 14 billion subsidy to our farmers in the province,” he said. “Moreover, provincial coalition government has prepared feasibility reports of about 200 small dams, it will usher in an era of progress and development in Balochistan, if timely constructed,” he added. “We have no support of any gang to run provincial government’s affairs in Balochistan, but coalition partners themselves govern the province accurately,” he said.”The NP, being an ideological party, was totally against feudalism and class-based totalitarian ruling system,” he said. “We want that state-owned resources should be spent on people. But unfortunately, it has not been happening, which is regrettable,” he said.

“Let’s say goodbye to political compromises and egoism,” Dr Malik said.

“Let’s get the young generation united for a cause to serve people of the country. Let’s bring a change in policies for betterment. I am proud to say that my government has stopped political interference in departments, which is a good omen,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion Hasil Bezenjo said that gun was not the solution of every issue. The country needed peace, a federation where people’s requirements would be fulfilled.

“Our youngsters have gone fed up of militancy and that’s why they want a change, for which they are supporting PTI, However, they are still disappointed,” he said.