ISLAMABAD - Afghan Taliban supremo Mulla Omar died a natural death, his son Mulla Yaqoob clarified on Sunday amid claims by dissident Taliban commanders that he was killed.

“The enemy is spreading different rumours about the death of ‘Amirul Momineen’ (commander of faithful) to create rifts within the ranks of the mujahideen. I want to assure all of you that he had died a natural death,” Mulla Yaqoob said in an audio message, reported by a website.

“He (Mulla Omar) has neither been martyred by anyone in the Islamic Emirate nor by the enemy. I considered it necessary to share this information with you,” he added. Mulla Yaqoob confirmed his father was sick and was critical shortly before he passed away.

“We have information regarding my father’s treatment as he suffered from some disease. As my father is no more in the world and we have already suffered through the shock of his death, I want to assure you that no one has any involvement in his death,” he added. Mansoor Dadullah, a senior Taliban commander and one of the opponents of new Taliban chief Mulla Akhtar Mansoor, had alleged Mulla Omar was killed and did not die a natural death.

Further, Mulla Najibullah, who is known as Omar Khatab and leads a splinter Taliban group Fidayee Mahaz also claims the Afghan Taliban supremo was “poisoned” in 2013.

The Taliban insist Omar died in April 2013 owing to an illness. However, dissidents are demanding investigation into Omar’s death and are also asking for the location of his grave. A former Taliban minister had earlier said that Omar had been buried in Afghanistan near Pakistan’s border. As rivals continue to mount pressure on Akhtar Mansoor, remarks by Mulla Yaqoob could be a sigh of relief for the Taliban leadership. Afghan Taliban have also released an audio of Mulla Omar in which he had condemned Dadullah for killing several Taliban commanders over espionage charges on his brother Mulla Dadullah Akhund.

Akhund, the top Taliban military commander, was killed in southern Afghanistan in 2007. Mansoor Dadullah suspected some Taliban commanders had passed on information to foreign troops about the movement of his brother. Mulla Omar had asked his followers not to give any responsibility to Mansoor Dadullah for killing “innocent commanders.”

Mulla Mansoor Dadullah now leads Dadullah Mahaz and operates from Zabul province. Earlier, a section of the Afghan media reported that Mulla Akhtar Mansoor’s supporters clashed with Dadullah’s supporters. However, Taliban denied the reports.